Camera toting voyeur to the underpaid and badly behaved,

Lilly has over a decade of experience documenting underground musicians, artists, poets and all creed of character she crosses paths with on her regular travels.  This decade has also seen Lilly collecting a montage of footage for her debut experimental feature film TRIP featuring Roky Erickson, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, Spacemen 3, Tess Parks and more, with intention on its eventual completion to celebrate the rebirth and the growth of the Global community of artists musicians and fans immersed in all things Psychedelia.

Exhibitions and screenings of this ongoing project have included a one night DIY group art show 'Trip the Light Fantastic' where stills and moving image adorned the walls of a Hackney Wick warehouse, soundtracked by live music. Slideshows at music festivals Synasthesie in Berlin and at La Cigale for Paris Psych Fest, as well as a test screening at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Institute of Mental Physics in Joshua Tree, California.

Lilly lives between London, England and Medellin Colombia, making regular field trips to Los Angeles, Berlin and beyond.

For commissions, licensing and print enquiries please don't hesitate to contact Lilly directly