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Artwork by Chrissie Abbott 

Austin Texas 2005, a time when Psychedelic rock n roll was not getting any airplay in my hometown, London, England, The Black Angels formed and took to the road. Having saturated my hunger for alternative music with punk and grunge legends of the past, I was on the search for a sound with substance that I could identify with, a time when the mainstream hype bands of the moment were doing nothing for me.It was at this time through my love of bands like Ride and Spacemen 3, I was introduced to the music of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Having grown accustomed to missing out on seeing the groups I loved by decades, it was with excitement I learnt that there was a small bunch of like minded musicians who were very much alive, kicking and touring regularly and as the circus travelled, I found myself caught up in the carnival. In October 2008 I was fortunate enough to be invited on tour with The Black Angels when they took to the road as backing band with 13th Floor Elevators founder, the ultimate inspiration and grandfather of garage psych music, Roky Erickson.



This is an intimate account by documentary photographer and filmmaker Lilly Creightmore, captures the story of a handful of artists old and new which influenced a new generation of psychedelic inspired sound in the US, Europe and South Africa, at a time when a small few of my generation were in search of an alternative from the corporatisation of the music industry, to the capitalist ideal that was beginning to very visibly collapse.

Take a trip to the Psychedelic Underground. More than just another music documentary, Trip will take you beyond and above, a sensory experience in film. Featuring live performances and intimate behind the scenes footage of bands and musicians from the USA, UK, Iceland, Europe and South Africa. Experience the garage psych legend Roky Erickson on tour with current day stalwarts The Black Angels, a one off Spacemen 3 reunion, go behind the scenes with Dead Skeletons,  candid footage with Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe, The Night Beats in Africa and a glimpse into the emerging Global psych scene, with the fans that attend great annual pilgrimages such as Levitation and Desert Daze.

An observational film into the world of psychedelic rock n roll. 
























The shoot stage of the film has been self funded entirely by the filmmaker with the help of voluntary time and contributions from many supportive artists, camera ops and editors, but as we approach the final stages of production, we need help with finishing costs and since our successful Kickstarter Campaign to raise finishing funds in 2018, giving the fans of the music the opportunity to be apart of the film, it feels the right way to end the project. 

The £6,646 raised was hugely helpful in pushing forward with the post production, but films are costly to make and we have done incredibly well with a relatively small budget, so if you would be interested in contributing you still can.

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